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These are Quotes from Characters in One Piece that Lit Up Your Motivation, Will and the Other Positive Things

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Photo: Take a moment (picture) of boy teenagers from our generation: Ikhwan Y. K., Doni A. N. and Dicki B. P. hha -.-“… (minus: Rafi and Kristanto, sorry, because you were not included in this photo ^^”), we were intended to go to the child’s birth one of our friends.


These are quotes from characters in One Piece:

  • “Sometime you could find fools like them. People that fight for their dream till the end.” [Chef Zeff said to (or gave an advice to) Sanji]
  • “It’s not about possible or impossible. I’m doing it because I want to, I decided to become the Pirate King. I don’t care if I die fighting for it.” (Monkey D. Luffy)
  • “Without my friends, I’d not be here now. The difference between me and you is that I can always count on them because they will never abandon me.” (Monkey D. Luffy said to everyone in that location)
  • “I swear on my life, I won’t lose anymore! Any problem.. King of The Pirates (Luffy)!? (Roronoa Zoro said to Luffy after he was beaten by Jouraquille Mihawk whom is the best Swordman in the World)
  • “Our dreams are different from his one. We are all trying to accomplish our own goals. Someone once told me that from the outside, we don’t appear to have any teamwork. Since everyone is independent from the Captain, there are people who believe that. But to me, that just sounds like kids playing around. What does teamwork really mean? Since we’ve been together so long, another purpose has started to emerge. All should do what they can with their lives on the line, and then say to the next guy: I did what I could. Now it’s your turn. If you don’t finish it, I’ll come to kick you! (Roronoa Zoro said to All the Crew/ Nakama and the other Friends)
  • “Hey, Luffy! Don’t waste your life, we must protect our dreams together in the New World!” (Roronoa Zoro said to Luffy)
  • “Why do I keep being his nakama? In my case, things just happened to turn like that.  I’m sorry, I don’t have the answer.” (Roronoa Zoro said to everyone after they asked to him why he is still being in Luffy’s Nakama)
  • “If luffy wants to fight, we’ll go along with our Captain.” (Sanji Vinsmoke)

Maaf yah kalau quotes-nya diambil dari karakter-karakter salah satu manga Jepang, mungkin bisa diambil hikmahnya saja :D. Meskipun memang kelihatan “bocah”-nya jadinya hhe.. Selamat pagi! Wassalamu’alaikum wr. wb.

*Footnote: Kelemahan One Piece ini bagi para pembaca muslim mungkin karakter perempuannya yang memang memakai pakaian “tidak syar’i” (yah jelaslah, orang pengarangnya juga non-muslim, do’akan saja semoga mendapat hidayah hhe..). Tapi ya gimana, ceritanya seru meskipun khawatir menjadi dosa karena hal tersebut -.-“.. kita ambil hikmah ceritanya saja kali yah hhe.. coba karakter perempuannya seperti gambar di bawah ini ya:

Moslem Flynn Rider

Nah, kalau ini kan aman berhijab :D.. eh, sebentar, memang ada yah Film Animasi yang berhijab seperti diatas? Hhaha.. -.-“


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